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COB LED Strip UTFS-SM-COB320-2405 (3)

LED Strip Light

We have various range of LED Strip Light including COB, CSP, SMD LED Strips with wide range of CCTs, colors, PCB width, brightness, IP rate cater to different requirements.
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IP68 LED Neon Strip

LED Neon Strip

We have wide range of LED Neon Strip including Top/Side Bend, 3D, 360 Degrees, Double-sided, IP68, Embedded, ErP series with various color, size, brithtness, IP rate options.
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Unitop Catalogue

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Our catalogue is packed with innovative LED solutions. Request yours today.

Professional LED Strips and Neon Strips Manufacturer

Unitop: Illuminating Your World since 2005. We bring excellence to every LED strip light and neon strip we supply. No matter your role in the industry, we’re committed to lightening up your journey with our innovative solutions. Choose Unitop, choose quality!

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Why Choose Us?

Surpassing Expectations: Delivering exceptional products and services that amaze.

Superior Expertise

Harnessing 18 years LED lighting industry for unparalleled quality.

Quality Assurance

A notable 3~5 years warranty underlining our commitment to quality.

Innovative R&D

Strong professional R&D team fosters continuous product innovation.


Tailored customized solutions to meet all your unique project requirements

Robust Production

Advanced systems produce up to 1.5 million meters of LED strips monthly

Flexible MOQ

Embrace small orders & support businesses from small beginnings.

Global Assistance

Providing 12x7 worldwide support for all before or after-sales queries.


Sustainable, biodegradable materials for eco-friendly production.

Our Certificates

Showcasing a Spectrum of Achievements: Embodying quality, innovation, and excellence

Voices of Trust

Real feedback from real customers. Discover their stories

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Our Services

Exceptional Services for Exceptional Lighting

Customized LED Product Design

We breathe life into your unique lighting requirements through our proficient OEM & ODM services, from initial evaluation to comprehensive product customization.

Professional Lighting Tests and Reports

With integral sphere and darkroom testing, we generate detailed reports and IES/LDT files, allowing you to plan your lighting projects with precise data on our LED products' performance.

Expert Lighting Simulation Consultation

Our technical team performs lighting simulations based on your project, recommend the most suitable LED products, determine the ideal quantity, and suggesting the best installation.

On-site Installation Guidance

After delivering your order, we can arrange for our engineers or R&D personnel to provide on-site installation guidance based on your specific needs.

After-Sales Technical Support

Our service doesn't stop after the sale. We offer after-sales technical support, ensuring your LED lighting systems continue to perform at their best.

Supplier Audit and Order Management

With over 18 years in the LED lighting industry, we can help you audit other suppliers and manage your orders. We offer a one-stop service solution.

Consolidated Shipping Service

We offer a consolidated shipping service, bundling your purchases into one shipment, reducing shipping costs and providing convenience.

LED Lighting Education and Training

We provide educational resources and training on our LED products and the broader LED lighting industry, enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Eco-friendly LED Solutions

We offer eco-friendly LED lighting solutions, helping you reduce energy consumption and contribute to a greener planet.


LED Lighting Product Customization Has Never Been Simpler

  • Experience

    Over 18 years in LED lighting manufacturing and OEM services, suggesting a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record.

  • Partnerships

    Collaborations with industry giants like Philips, Osram, Cree and others showcase a strong industry presence.

  • Supply Chain

    A robust supply chain is critical for maintaining product quality and ensuring timely delivery.

  • Customization

    Comprehensive customization options, including LED types, CRI, CCT, brightness, and dimensions, are essential for meeting diverse needs.

  • Design to Reality

    The capability to transform ideas into tangible designs and PCB layouts is key for bringing visions to life.

  • Branding

    The ability to imprint a brand logo on the product or packaging is important for maintaining brand identity.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    A priority on customer needs is crucial for establishing long-term business relationships.

  • Global Service

    A global footprint and experience with international clients are important for understanding diverse market needs.

  • Timely Delivery

    Providing design drawings within a week and samples within three weeks demonstrates a commitment to efficiency.

  • Dedication

    A commitment to lighting up your brand with expertise and dedication suggests a partner who will go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.

Our Partners

Collaborating With Industry Leaders for Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Our Solutions

Elevate Your Space with Our Lighting Solutions

  • Upgrade transport hubs with SMD LED strip lights for modern, efficient lighting.
  • Utilize RGB LED neon strips in parks and squares for a vibrant outdoor ambiance.
  • Revolutionize signage with flexible, bright LED neon strips for clear visibility.
  • Enhance building facades with weather-resistant IP68 LED neon strip lighting.
  • Integrate multi-colored LED strips for dynamic lighting on architectural features.
  • Employ robust, high-lumen LED strips for effective tunnel and bridge illumination.
  • Implement dimmable LED neon strips in art installations for artistic versatility.
  • Opt for energy-saving SMD LED strips in galleries and cultural centers.
  • Highlight historical monuments with specially designed architectural LED strips.
  • Adopt smart LED strip solutions for innovative and automated city lighting.
  • Enhance under-cabinet areas with discreet COB LED strip lights for a sleek look.
  • Install LED strip lights along staircases for safety and elegance.
  • Use SMD LED strips for soft, ambient cove and ceiling lighting in homes.
  • Provide customizable room lighting in hotels with remote-controlled LED strips.
  • Create inviting hotel lobbies using warm-tone LED neon strips.
  • Set the mood in bars and restaurants with color-changing SMD LED strips.
  • Design tranquil sauna and steam room spaces with moisture-resistant CSP LED strips.
  • Illuminate pools and fountains with durable CSP LED strips.
  • Accentuate gardens and spa areas with eco-friendly COB LED strip lighting.
  • Ensure safety and ambiance in hospitality venues with well-placed LED strip lights.
  • Attract customers with bright, eye-catching SMD LED strip lighting for storefronts.
  • Highlight retail displays using focused COB LED strips for product emphasis.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere in shopping malls with uniform CSP LED strip lighting.
  • Optimize office lighting for productivity with glare-free COB LED strips.
  • Utilize LED strip lights in meeting rooms for enhanced focus and creativity.
  • Enhance office common areas with customizable, energy-efficient LED strips.
  • Install rugged, high-brightness LED strips in industrial facilities for safety.
  • Ensure visibility in mining tunnels with heavy-duty SMD LED strip lights.
  • Implement long-lasting, low-maintenance CSP LED strips in industrial settings.
  • Create a comfortable work environment with human-centric LED strip lighting.
  • Amplify stage shows and festivals with vibrant, dynamic LED neon strips.
  • Create an electrifying club atmosphere with multi-color SMD LED strips.
  • Utilize adjustable LED strip lighting for diverse art exhibition needs.
  • Equip gyms and sports arenas with high-density SMD LED strip lights.
  • Customize lighting in recreational facilities with versatile COB LED strips.
  • Inspire with color-tunable LED strips in fitness centers for an energetic environment.
  • Choose marine-grade LED neon strips for durable yacht and boat lighting.
  • Install waterproof LED strip lights for safety and style in marine infrastructures.
  • Opt for rugged outdoor LED strips for reliable lighting on trails and campsites.
  • Design unique event lighting with creative, flexible LED strip solutions.


All You Need to Know: Frequently Asked Questions on Our Company and Products

Is Unitop a Manufacturer or Trading Company?

Unitop is a professional China manufacturer/factory/supplier specializing in LED strip lights & LED Neon strips, providing both OEM and ODM services.

What Are Unitop's Main Products?

Unitop focuses on producing high-quality LED strip lights, LED downlights, and LED battens, with a variety of options available to cater to your specific needs.

What LEDs Does Unitop Use for LED lighting products?

Unitop uses only high-quality, energy-efficient LEDs in our products, ensuring bright, reliable illumination for various applications.

Does Unitop Provide OEM/ODM Services?

Absolutely, Unitop offers both OEM and ODM services, allowing for custom solutions that meet your unique lighting needs.

How to Place an Order with Unitop?

Placing an order with Unitop is easy. Simply reach out to our sales team with your requirements, and they will guide you through the process.

What is Unitop's Warranty Policy?

Unitop stands by the quality of our products. We offer a 3-5 years warranty on all our products to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What is the Unitop Payment Term?

Unitop offers flexible payment terms. For small sample orders, you can pay through Western Union, for big mass production orders, you can pay through T/T or L/C at sight. Our sales team can provide more detailed information based on your specific order.

How Does Unitop Ship the Goods, and How Long Does It Take to Arrive?

Unitop uses reliable shipping methods to ensure your order arrives safely and promptly. For samples, we usually ship by courier or by air. For medium-size orders, we will deliver by air. For big orders, the delivery can be made by sea. By courier or by air normally takes less than one week, and by sea will take around 25-40 days. The exact delivery time will depend on your location and the specific order details.

What Certificates Does Unitop Have for the Products?

Unitop’s products are certified to meet international safety and quality standards. Our certifications include but are not limited to, CE, RoHS, and ETL. Some of our clients also used our products to apply for certificates from their own countries.

Does Unitop Offer Free Samples, and What's the MOQ?

Yes, Unitop does offer free samples for some items for you to evaluate the quality of our products. For MOQ details, please contact our sales team.

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