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3-year warranty

When providing value to our customers, Unitop goes above and beyond. We are a leading manufacturer in China specializing in LED Strips and Neon Flex products. A robust warranty policy backs our commitment to quality and excellence. With a minimum of three years of coverage from the date of purchase, we aim to ensure your peace of mind.

The Scope of Our Warranty: Three-Year Assurance

Your investment in Unitop products requires a minimum three-year warranty period.

During this time, we vow to either repair or replace any component that fails under normal usage conditions. The goal is straightforward— minimizing disruptions and running your operations smoothly.

Terms & Conditions for Repairs and Replacements

While the warranty ensures product reliability, there are certain conditions that the customer must adhere to:
1. Transport Costs: You are responsible for returning the original product to Unitop for assessment.
2. Product Integrity: The defects should be attributed solely to faulty materials or workmanship.
3. Prior Assessment: Before installation, it is incumbent upon the installer to verify the product’s suitability for the intended application.

Limitations on Liability

Unitop's responsibility, under any circumstance, is restricted to the actual amount paid for the purchased product.

Our options for redress are limited to repair, replacement, or refunding the purchase price, all at our exclusive discretion.

Exceptions & Exclusions

Please be aware that our warranty is specialized in nature:
1. The warranty is confined to the repair or replacement of the affected product.
2. It does not extend to cover any supplementary expenses such as transport fees, damages, incidental costs, delays, re-installation, labor costs, or any hardware and accessories.

Warranty Invalidations

Your warranty will be void if any of the following conditions apply:
The product has been altered or modified in any manner.
1. The product has been connected to or used with non-approved power supplies, devices, or controllers.
2. Failures from incorrect installation, misuse, abuse, accidents, or unauthorized modifications are not covered.

Extended Warranty Options: More Protection, More Peace of Mind

Unitop offers an extended warranty program at its discretion.
To qualify, the customer must issue and preserve an extended warranty certificate at purchase. This certificate is a binding document containing critical information such as the original invoice number, the date of purchase, and detailed descriptions of the products acquired.
For any questions or to initiate a warranty claim, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Our customer service team is standing by to assist you with your needs.
Your trust is paramount to us; we strive to uphold it with our warranty policy. Thank you for choosing Unitop—where quality meets reliability.

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