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ErP LED Neon Strip

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ErP LED Neon Strips Manufacturer, Supplier & Factory

Unitop, a leading innovator in LED technology, proudly presents its ErP compliant LED Neon Strips. Our facility in China specializes in these environmentally friendly strips, conforming to the latest Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive. Designed for energy efficiency and sustainability, these strips are available in both 12V and 24V models. The product line features various sizes, including 1212, 1615, to 1220, ideal for eco-conscious lighting projects.

Our ErP LED Neon Strips are certified to meet international standards such as CE, RoHS, and UL, emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility and quality. These strips are known for their energy-saving properties and durability, making them a top choice in the eco-friendly LED market. At Unitop, we specialize in custom lighting solutions, offering both OEM and ODM services to fulfill the unique requirements of each client. Our focus on eco-friendly innovation and customer satisfaction positions Unitop as a pioneer in the field of ErP compliant LED lighting solutions.

ERP LED Neon Strip

What is ErP LED Neon Strip?

ErP LED Neon Strips are advanced lighting solutions designed to comply with the Energy-related Products Directive. These directives aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The strips are crafted to adhere to strict energy consumption guidelines while offering high-quality lighting.

These LED strips are characterized by their energy efficiency. They are engineered to optimize power consumption about their luminous output and color rendering, ensuring they meet the stringent energy efficiency standards set by the ErP directive. This makes them an ideal choice for eco-friendly lighting projects.

ErP LED Neon Strips also focus on functional quality. They are designed to maintain color consistency and durability, ensuring minimal flicker and a stable lighting experience. This combination of energy efficiency and high-quality performance makes them suitable for a variety of applications where environmental sustainability and lighting effectiveness are prioritized.

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Features & Benefits

A Step Towards Sustainable Lighting Solutions Without Compromising on Quality & Functionality.

Compliance with ErP Regulations

ErP LED Neon Strips meet the stringent energy efficiency and environmental standards set by the EU’s Energy-related Products Directive. This ensures they contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency​​​​.

Designed with energy conservation in mind, these LED strips consume less power, reducing electricity costs and minimizing environmental impact. They align with the EU’s goal of sustainable and responsible lighting solutions​​​​.

These LED strips are suitable for various lighting projects thanks to their flexibility and compliance with environmental regulations. They are perfect for both residential and commercial settings, adding aesthetic appeal while being eco-conscious​​​​.

With standards ensuring a good Colour Rendering Index (CRI), ErP LED strips provide high-quality light that accurately represents colors, essential for both decorative and functional lighting needs​​​​.

These LED strips are built to last, with a long lifespan that reduces the need for frequent replacements. This durability is not only cost-effective but also aligns with the principles of reducing waste and promoting sustainable products​​​​.

The ErP regulation ensures that these LED strips have low standby power consumption, making them more energy-efficient even when not actively used. This feature contributes to overall energy savings in the long term​​.

Adhering to strict EU regulations, ErP LED Neon Strips are safe and reliable. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality, performance, and compliance with safety standards​​​​.

ErP LED Neon Strip Applications

Lighting Redefined: ErP LED Neon Everywhere

  • Eco-Friendly Building Lighting

    ErP LED Neon Strips are employed in green building projects for their energy efficiency and low environmental impact. They illuminate facades, corridors, and architectural features while adhering to strict ecological standards. Their energy-saving qualities significantly reduce the building's overall energy consumption, aligning with sustainable building practices.

  • Retail and Showroom Highlighting

    In retail environments, these LED strips provide brilliant yet energy-efficient lighting for display areas and showrooms. They enhance product visibility and appeal while minimizing energy costs. Their versatility in color and brightness makes them suitable for creating inviting atmospheres that effectively attract customers and highlight merchandise.

  • Efficient Outdoor Area Lighting

    For outdoor spaces like parks, walkways, and public areas, ErP LED Neon Strips offer efficient and durable lighting solutions. They withstand outdoor conditions while providing bright, consistent lighting. Their energy efficiency is particularly valuable for public spaces where lighting is operational for extended periods.

  • Commercial Signage and Advertising

    These strips are ideal for energy-conscious businesses seeking adequate signage lighting. They ensure that signs and advertisements are brightly lit and visible without the high energy costs typically associated with traditional lighting. Their long lifespan and low maintenance needs make them a cost-effective solution for commercial advertising.

  • Hospitality and Event Ambiance

    In the hospitality industry, ErP LED Neon Strips are used to create welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environments in hotels, restaurants, and event venues. Their energy efficiency is crucial in settings where lighting contributes significantly to the ambiance but must be operational for long hours.

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LED Neon Strips Production Process

Neon in the Making: A Story of Production

  • Step 1: Applying Solder Paste with Precision

    Initiating the process, we apply lead-free solder paste to PCB sheets under a stainless steel stencil. This step, critical for both automated and manual production, ensures precise solder paste distribution at each point, as confirmed by thorough quality control.

  • Step 2: Precise SMT Component Placement

    Each PCB sheet advances through an advanced SMT machine for accurate component placement. This phase is essential for the LED neon strips' functionality, focusing on precise alignment and pressure at each solder point, followed by detailed inspections.

  • Step 3: Reflow Soldering for Component Fixation

    The PCBs enter a multi-zoned reflow oven, solidifying the components onto the PCB. This process is vital for effective solder paste solidification, with post-soldering inspections to ensure LED functionality and rectify any PCB issues.

  • Step 4: Assembling Long LED Strips

    Next, we join 0.5m PCB sheets to form continuous 5-meter LED neon strips. Each strip undergoes extensive quality checks, including a 12-hour burn-in test, to guarantee consistent lighting quality and longevity.

  • Step 5: Mixing Silicone for Color Diversity

    We mix high-quality silicone to produce various colors for the LED neon strips. This includes options like milky white for diffusion and transparent for marking. The ratio of diffusion powder is precisely managed for ideal color intensity and light transmission.

  • Step 6: LED Strip Installation and Alignment

    LED strips are carefully installed on a payoff frame and adjusted on an alignment table. This ensures perfect organization and setup for the upcoming extrusion process.

  • Step 7: Silicone Wrapping with Electronic Precision

    We encase the LED strips in silicone through a precise die and electronic control system. This step ensures uniform silicone wrapping, enhancing the LED strip's durability and visual appeal.

  • Step 8: Vulcanizing for Shape and Strength

    In a specialized oven, the silicone-coated LED strips undergo vulcanization. This step shapes and cures the strips, protecting the LED beads and ensuring structural integrity.

  • Step 9: Custom Cable Soldering and Waterproofing

    Custom cable lengths and entry points are soldered onto the LED neon strips, with end caps installed for waterproofing. This customization meets diverse customer requirements and enhances product durability.

  • Step 10: Extensive Quality Testing

    Each LED neon strip is rigorously tested for brightness, electrical performance, durability, waterproofing, and temperature resistance. This comprehensive quality assurance process ensures high standards are met for every product.

  • Step 11: Custom Laser Engraving for Branding

    We provide custom laser engraving on the silicone body of the LED neon strips, enabling personalized branding and product information as part of our OEM/ODM services.

  • Step 12: Secure and Customized Packaging

    Finally, the LED neon strips are rolled and packaged in anti-static bags or client-specific packaging, then placed securely in cartons, ready for safe and efficient shipping.

DIY Guide to Cut and Connect LED Neon Strip

Learn the Essentials of LED Neon Strip Installation With Our Easy-to-follow, Professional Guide.

Cut & Connect by Soldering

1. Preparation: Align your scissors at a precise 90-degree angle.
2. Positioning: Place the LED Neon Strip flat against the scissors.
3. Execution: Locate the designated cutting mark and execute a clean, straight cut.
Reminder: Avoid diagonal cuts to ensure integrity.

Thread the electrical wire through the designated end cap for a secure fit.

1. Prepping the Surface: Trim excess silicone from the LED Neon Strip to reveal the soldering pad.
2. Soldering Setup: Set your soldering iron between 380-400°C. Keep the soldering duration between 3 and 5 seconds.
3. Tinning: Tinning thoroughly to the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) pad.
4. Connection: Carefully solder the wire to the FPC, ensuring correct polarity. Avoid exposing copper and FPC edges, and prevent scalding the wire.

1. Glue Preparation: Cut the glue nozzle as needed.
2. Application: Apply a 1-2mm layer of glue inside the end cap and a 5-7mm circle around the neon strip’s cut end, avoiding the FPC and LEDs.
3. Assembly: Insert the LED Neon Strip into the end cap by 8-9mm, applying gentle pressure.
4. Cleanup: Remove any excess glue with a cloth.

Follow the same steps as for the head end cap, ensuring a secure and neat finish.

Allow 3 hours for initial solidification, with 24 hours for complete setting.

Cut & Connect by Solder-free End Cap

1. Scissor Alignment: Position your scissors perpendicular to the cutting surface.
2. Neon Strip Placement: Lay the LED Neon Strip evenly against the scissor blades.
3. Cutting Procedure: Identify the specified cutting mark and make a direct, even cut.
Note: Prevent angled cuts to maintain the strip’s structural integrity.

1. Slide in the U-shape transparent connector.
2. Attach the transparent PC mounting cover.
3. Install the transparent PC anti-skipping clip.
4. Install waterproof rubber gasket to cable with connector.
5. Insert cable with connector to neon strip.
6. Put the metal blank end through the cable.
7. Fasten the metal end with four screws to the transparent PC mounting cover.

1. Attach the transparent PC mounting cover.
2. Install the transparent PC anti-skipping clip.
3. Put the waterproof rubber gasket inside the end.
4. Put the transparent PC pad above the waterproof rubber gasket.
5. Put the metal blank end above the transparent PC pad.
6. Fasten the metal end with four screws to the transparent PC mounting cover.

Light on the LED neon light to check whether it is ok.

Cut & Connect by New Solder-free End Cap

1. Unplug & Stabilize: Safety first! Unplug your strip and choose a flat surface.
2. Sharp & Straight: Grab those sharp scissors and hold them perpendicular for straight cuts.
3. Follow the Marks: Look for cutting marks on the strip – that’s your cutting zone.
4.One Smooth Slice: Make a single, smooth cut through the mark – no angles!

1. Slide in the U-shaped silicone shim to neon flex.
2. Attach the flat silicone shim to plug with cable.
3. Insert the plug to the silicone neon strip.
4. Passing the cable through the hole of the transparent housing.
5. Slide the transparent housing onto the neon strip.
6. Insert the transparent fastening latch to the housing.
7. Insert the orange fastening latch to the housing.

1. Slide in the U-shaped silicone shim to neon flex.
2. Attach the flat silicone shim to plug with cable.
3. Slide the transparent housing onto the neon strip.
4. Insert the transparent fastening latch to the housing.
5. Insert the orange fastening latch to the housing.

Light on the LED neon light to check whether it is ok.

1. Use a flat-head screwdriver to lift up the transparent fastening latch.
2. Pull the transparent housing away from the LED neon strip.

ErP LED Neon Strips End Cap Options

Next-Level LED Care: End Caps for Superior Protection


Our silicone-based standard end cap is designed for LED neon flex, achieving an IP67 rating. It attaches to the strip ends via sliding or fitting, secured with glue applied within the cap.

Integral End Cap


With an IP67 rating, this cap is crafted from the same material as the strip for perfect integration. It creates a more polished, uniform appearance, designed to fit as an integral part of the strip.

Solder Free End Cap


Typically constructed from plastic or a robust equivalent, this end cap also boasts an IP67 rating. Its design includes a snap-on mechanism, facilitating easy and efficient installation.

ErP LED Neon Strips Cable Entry Options

Elegant Efficiency: Cable Entries Blending Style and Function

Front Cable Entry


Cable entry on this model is at the front, in line with the LED lights' visible area. This setup is optimal for surface-mounted strips, ensuring minimal front cable visibility.


This option allows cable entry from the strip's side, ideal for edge or corner-mounted installations. It enables the cable to run discreetly alongside the strip, avoiding interference with the light.

Bottom Cable Entry


Entry of the cable is designed at the back or bottom of the strip, best suited for overhead settings or when mounted on a surface, aiming to completely conceal the cable from the front and side views.

ErP LED Neon Strips Mounting Methods

Adaptable Attachments: Versatile Mounting for Every LED Scenario

Stainless Steel Mounting Clip

Stainless Steel Mounting Clip

Stainless Steel Mounting Clip after installation

After Installation

Aluminum Mounting Clip

Aluminum Mounting Clip

Aluminum Mounting CLip after installation

After Installation

Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile after installation

After Installation

Flexible Aluminum Profile

Flexible Aluminum Profile

Flexible Aluminum Profile After Installation

After Installation

Our Certificates

Displaying a Range of Accomplishments: The Epitome of Quality, Innovation, and Excellence

Custom ErP LED Neon Strips

Illuminate on Your Terms: Personalize with Our Customizable ErP LED Neon Strips

  • High-Performance Materials for Lasting Quality

    Our ErP LED Neon Strips can be crafted from premium PU, surpassing standard silicone in both durability and aesthetic appeal. Designed for eco-conscious projects, they provide long-lasting performance with an elegant touch.

  • Custom Lengths for Seamless Integration

    Tailor the length of your ErP LED neon strips to meet the exact requirements of your project. Our custom cutting service ensures a perfect match for your designs, offering versatility and precision in installation.

  • Diverse LED Selection for Ambient Lighting

    Please choose from our range of LED options with varying brightness levels and CRI values. Customize these strips to achieve the desired lighting atmosphere in any space, creating anything from a warm glow to a bright radiance.

  • Flexible Power Choices for Energy Efficiency

    Select from 12V or 24V and wattages ranging from 5W/m to 15W/m. These options cater to a range of lighting needs while adhering to energy-efficient standards, allowing for a sustainable lighting solution.

  • Pre-Cut Strips for Convenient Installation

    Our ErP LED Neon Strips come ready for installation, pre-cut to your specified lengths, with cables included. This feature simplifies the installation process, making it quick and efficient.

  • Energy-Efficient Ratings for Sustainable Use

    Opt for our ErP-rated LED neon strips, designed to meet energy-saving standards. This commitment to energy efficiency ensures the strips are suitable for environmentally conscious applications.

  • Streamlined Endcap Options for a Neat Finish

    Please choose from our variety of endcaps, like Silicone, Solder-free, and Seamless Mold Injection, to enhance your LED installations with a clean, professional appearance, contributing to the overall design.

  • Versatile Cable Outlet Directions for Easy Fitting

    Our ErP LED Neon Strips offer multiple cable outlet options – top, side, or bottom entry. This versatility allows for easy integration into any design or architectural plan.

  • Straightforward Mounting Solutions for Effective Installation

    Utilize our durable mounting accessories, such as clips and aluminum profiles, for secure and simple installation. These tools ensure both practicality and aesthetic appeal in your LED neon strip setup.

  • Personalized Branding and Packaging for a Distinct Look

    Customize your LED neon strips and packaging with your brand logo and design. Whether you provide your artwork or work with us to create it, we ensure your products and packaging distinctly showcase your brand identity.


Everything Answered: Guide to the Most Common Queries About ErP LED Neon Strips

What are ErP LED Neon Strips?

ErP LED Neon Strips are advanced lighting solutions designed to be highly energy-efficient and compliant with the EU’s Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive. These innovative strips are characterized by their low energy consumption while delivering high-quality illumination, making them a preferred choice for both environmental and cost-saving reasons. Ideal for diverse applications, they seamlessly combine functionality with eco-friendliness, offering users a sustainable lighting option.

These LED strips utilize cutting-edge technology to optimize electricity usage, reducing energy consumption significantly. Their design typically incorporates efficient LEDs and materials that lower power requirements without compromising on light output. This efficiency not only results in reduced electricity bills but also minimizes the environmental impact. By adhering to ErP standards, these strips ensure users benefit from sustainable lighting while enjoying bright and consistent illumination.

The benefits of using ErP LED Neon Strips include considerable energy savings, leading to lower electricity costs, and compliance with stringent environmental regulations. Additionally, they offer a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting solutions, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby lessening waste. Their eco-friendly design is not only beneficial for the environment but also for users who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Yes, many ErP LED Neon Strips models are designed for outdoor use. They are built to withstand various weather conditions, often featuring high IP (Ingress Protection) ratings. This makes them water-resistant, dust-proof, and suitable for external applications like garden lighting, outdoor signage, and façade illumination. Their durability ensures consistent performance in diverse environmental conditions, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Absolutely, ErP LED Neon Strips are highly customizable. They are available in a range of lengths, colors, and brightness options, allowing users to tailor the lighting according to their specific requirements. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide array of applications, from accentuating architectural features to providing functional task lighting. Their versatility ensures that they can meet various aesthetic and design needs.

The eco-friendliness of ErP LED Neon Strips is attributed to their energy-efficient design, which reduces electricity consumption and, consequently, greenhouse gas emissions. They are often made with sustainable materials that have a lower environmental impact. Moreover, their long lifespan means less frequent replacements, reducing waste. All these factors contribute to their status as an environmentally responsible lighting choice.

ErP LED Neon Strips are known for their extended lifespan, often lasting tens of thousands of hours. This durability results from their high-quality construction and energy-efficient LEDs, which endure longer than traditional lighting sources. The long lifespan not only adds to their eco-friendliness by reducing waste but also makes them a cost-effective option in the long run due to decreased replacement and maintenance needs.

ErP LED Neon Strips are designed for ease of installation. They typically come with user-friendly features such as adhesive backing and simple connectors, making the setup process straightforward and manageable even for those without technical expertise. This ease of installation is a significant advantage, allowing users to set up the lighting quickly and efficiently without needing professional assistance.

ErP LED Neon Strips are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings for purposes like accent lighting, task lighting, and decorative illumination. Their adaptability makes them ideal for enhancing the ambiance of spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, offices, retail stores, and outdoor areas, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

ErP LED Neon Strips, while possibly more expensive initially compared to standard LED strips, offer substantial cost savings in the long run. Their energy-efficient design leads to lower electricity bills, and their extended lifespan means fewer replacements are needed. Over time, these factors result in significant financial savings, making them a cost-effective solution for those seeking to reduce their energy expenses and environmental impact.

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