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COB LED Strips Manufacturer, Supplier & Factory

Unitop is a renowned COB LED Strip manufacturer based in China. Our product range includes economic, standard 12V or 24VDC, high-efficiency, low voltage 5VDC & COB Strip Plus, designed to cater to diverse customer needs.
We ensure quality performance and long-lasting life with CE, RoHS, and LM80 certifications. We prioritize sustainability, ensuring our environmentally friendly wholesale COB LED Strips provide dependable technology.

Unitop COB LED strips are competitively priced, making them a preferred choice. We offer OEM, ODM, and customizable COB LED Strips, making us your chosen destination.


What is COB LED Strip?

COB LED strip, or “Chips on Board LED Strip,” is a unique technology where LED chips are encapsulated directly onto a flexible PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This design linearly aligns flip-chips on the board, with a special encapsulation glue mixed with phosphor on the chip surface. The process results in diverse, uniform colors and color temperatures.

Often referred to as continuous or dotless LED strip lights, COB LED strips provide unparalleled brightness and color consistency. Their seamless light emission makes them a versatile and efficient choice for various lighting applications.

SMD LED Strip vs COB LED Strip

A side-by-side Comparison for Better Understanding


Wholesale Unitop COB LED Strips by Series

Customizable, Durable, Brilliant: Discover Unitop’s COB LED Strips

1. Standard Series
  • LED QTY: 320LEDs/m, 256LEDs/m
  • CRI: 80Ra, 90Ra
  • SDCM: <5
  • COLOR: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, Red, Green, Blue, Ice Blue
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 10W, 8W
  • EFFICACY: 90-110lm/W(80Ra), 80-95lm/W(90Ra)
  • CUTTING LENGTH: 25mm, 50mm, 62.5mm
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm, 5mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • LED QTY: 512LEDs
  • CRI: 80Ra, 90Ra
  • SDCM: <5
  • COLOR: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 12W, 14W
  • EFFICACY: 80-100lm/W(80Ra), 80-90lm/W(90Ra)
  • CUTTING LENGTH: 31.25mm
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm, 10mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • LED QTY: 140LEDs, 182LEDs, 210LEDs
  • CRI: 80Ra
  • SDCM: <5
  • COLOR: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 11W
  • EFFICACY: 86-108lm/W
  • CUTTING LENGTH: 50mm, 38.46mm, 33.33mm
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • LED QTY: 320LEDs
  • CRI: 80Ra
  • SDCM: <5
  • COLOR: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 8W
  • EFFICACY: 50-70lm/W
  • PCB WIDTH: 5mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • LED QTY: 608LEDs
  • CRI: 90Ra
  • SDCM: <5
  • COLOR: 2700K-6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 7W+7W
  • EFFICACY: 75-100lm/W
  • CUTTING LENGTH: 52.63mm, 26.31mm
  • PCB WIDTH: 10mm, 8mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • LED QTY: 320LEDs
  • CRI: 95Ra
  • SDCM: <5
  • COLOR: 5000K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 10W
  • EFFICACY: 70-80lm/W
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • LED QTY: 320LEDs, 512LEDs
  • CRI: 90Ra
  • SDCM: <3
  • COLOR: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 8W, 11W
  • EFFICACY: 90-100lm/W
  • CUTTING LENGTH: 50mm, 31.25mm
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm, 10mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years

Features & Benefits

Why Unitop COB LED Strips? Unparalleled Performance and Flexibility

Seamless, Dotless Illumination

Say goodbye to visible lighting dots; the COB LED strips deliver a smooth and seamless glow. Imagine walking into a space where the light flows naturally without any distracting spots or dots. The seamless, dotless illumination of COB LED strips brings a level of sophistication and continuity to the lighting design, offering a truly unique aesthetic appeal that’s not just pleasing to the eye but elevating the entire space’s ambiance.

Unleash your creativity with the superior flexibility of COB LED strips. Illuminate tight corners and curved surfaces, and easily navigate through intricate designs. Whether you’re looking to accent a unique architectural feature or create a whimsical pathway of light, the exceptional flexibility of these LED strips grants you the freedom to explore limitless design possibilities. Turn your lighting visions into reality and impress with innovation.

Engineered with direct encapsulation, these strips are robust and resistant to wear, promising a lasting performance that you can rely on. Quality is not just a buzzword but a commitment. The enhanced durability ensures the light’s beauty and functionality remain intact over time without succumbing to regular wear and tear. Invest in lighting that’s striking in appearance and steadfast in performance.

Achieve optimal lighting across large areas with a generous 180-degree emitting angle. Gone are the days of dull corners and dark spots. COB LED strips provide evenly spread, brilliant illumination, casting a uniform glow that reaches every nook and cranny. The wide-angle design assures that the light reaches far and wide, illuminating spaces with grace and effectiveness.

Enjoy a humanistic lighting ambiance with minimal yellow spots and high color saturation. With COB LED strips, the lighting isn’t just about brightness but about creating a natural and comfortable environment. The unparalleled color consistency means the light’s quality remains steady, portraying objects and surroundings in their true essence. Experience a new level of lighting comfort where technology meets human well-being.

From warm to cool hues, the unique interaction between chips and phosphor offers a wide spectrum of colors and color temperatures tailored to various applications. Whether aiming for a cozy, intimate atmosphere or a lively, energetic vibe, the full range of colors empowers you to match the lighting with the mood. Transform spaces with a splash of color and the flexibility to customize, creating lighting that’s as versatile as your imagination.

COB LED Strip Full Range of Colors

Designed to endure, COB LED strips are equipped with anti-vulcanization and anti-static features. These are not mere technical terms but assurance of quality that withstands environmental challenges. From resisting the harmful effects of chemical reactions to avoiding static interference, these strips are built to perform optimally over time. Trust in a product that not only looks good but also stays resilient through the years, ensuring uninterrupted brilliance.

COB LED Strip Applications

Versatility in Illumination: Endless Applications of COB LED Strips

  • Transforming Homes into Luminous Sanctuaries

    Who doesn’t yearn for a cozy, inviting home after a long day? COB LED strips make the dream a reality, transforming everyday living spaces into luminescent sanctuaries. Imagine your bedroom awash in soft, warm light, creating a tranquil retreat for rest and relaxation. In the bathroom, these strips can act as mood setters, whether you’re taking a soothing soak in the tub or prepping for the day ahead. Even kitchens, the heart of the home, benefit from COB LED strips’ versatile illumination, enhancing both form and function. The beauty of COB LED lighting lies in its aesthetic appeal and its ability to reshape how we interact with our homes.

  • The New Gold Standard for Hospitality

    Stepping into a luxurious hotel room or a high-end restaurant often comes with a certain level of expectation for ambiance. Traditional lighting can seem harsh and uninviting, but COB LED strips offer a softer, more intimate glow. In hotels, they can accentuate the elegance of a room, making guests feel pampered and welcomed. Restaurants, bars, and KTV joints can manipulate the lighting to align with the vibe they want to create, whether it’s romantic, upbeat, or retro chic. A top-tier dining experience demands top-tier lighting, and COB LED strips are the answer.

  • Elevating Professional Spaces

    In offices and other work environments, good lighting is a non-negotiable element. COB LED strips not only meet but exceed those expectations. They offer optimal, consistent lighting that’s easy on the eyes, making it ideal for long hours in front of a computer or meetings. Furthermore, these strips can highlight the office’s important architectural or design features, contributing to a more engaging and dynamic work environment. The versatile COB LED strips are an indispensable asset when lighting affects productivity.

  • Retail & Commercial Brilliance

    In bustling shopping centers and supermarkets, lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping a customer’s experience and, subsequently, their purchasing decisions. COB LED strips offer bright, consistent illumination that can make products pop and aisles inviting. But it’s not just about brightness; it’s about creating an atmosphere that turns window shoppers into buyers. If your commercial space aims to exude modernity, sophistication, or even a dash of whimsy, these strips can be tailored to fit those vibes effortlessly.

  • Outdoor Elegance and Versatility

    Last but not least, the prowess of COB LED strips extends to outdoor landscapes. Their durability and wide emitting angle make them perfect for garden paths, patio decor, and architectural highlights on building exteriors. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a high-profile outdoor event, the soft, even light emitted by these strips can transform any space into an enchanting realm. Their energy efficiency and low heat output make them a sustainable choice for long-term outdoor applications.

Spark Your Creativity with Unitop Immediately!

Why Choose Us?

Wholesale COB LED Strip In Bulk By Choosing Unitop: Surpassing Your Expectations

Superior Expertise

Harnessing 18 years LED lighting industry for unparalleled quality.

Quality Assurance

A notable 3~5 years warranty underlining our commitment to quality.

Innovative R&D

Strong professional R&D team fosters continuous product innovation.


Tailored customized solutions to meet all your unique project requirements

Robust Production

Advanced systems produce up to 1.5 million meters of LED strips monthly

Flexible MOQ

Embrace small orders & support businesses from small beginnings.

Global Assistance

Providing 12x7 worldwide support for all before or after-sales queries.


Sustainable, biodegradable materials for eco-friendly production.

COB LED Strips Production

Professional Manufacturing Makes Perfect Products

  • Step 1: Resistors SMT

    Place resistors onto FPCB.

  • Step 2: LED Chips SMT

    Place LED chips onto FPCB. Remark: To speed up the production process, we have one SMT machine for resistors and 5 SMT machines for LED chips, a total of 6 SMT machines in one production line.

  • Step 3: Slow Down

    Go through the buffer strip to slow down.

  • Step 4: Reflow Soldering

    Fix resistors and LED chips on FPCB under high temperature.

  • Step 5: AOI Test

    Automated optical inspection on all LED chips to ensure all LED chips are working.

  • Step 6: Automatic Gluing Machine

    Mix the fluorescent power glue according to the CCT and CRI, using the automatic gluing machine to drop glue on the surface of components on the FPCB.

  • Step 7: Automatic FPCB Separating Machine

    Put adhesive tape on the back of the FPCB and separate the FPCB into each COB LED strip.

  • Step 8: Wire Soldering

    Whether you're a homeowner looking for a single strip or a contractor needing a bulk order, we accommodate all. With no MOQ requirements, you have the freedom to order just what you need while enjoying quantity discounts.

  • Step 9: Automatic Strip Reeling Machine

    According to the customer's specific requirements, the machine will automatically reel the strips to be 5m/reel or other length.

  • Step 10: QC Test

    100% thorough QC test to ensure the quality.

  • Step 11: Packing

    Put the COB strips into anti-static bags or customer-required individual packages and inside cartons.

Our Certificates

Showcasing a Spectrum of Achievements: Embodying quality, innovation, and excellence

Custom COB LED Strips

Your Light, Your Rules: Customizing Your Own COB LED Strips

  • Tailor-Made Dimensions: Choose Your Perfect Size

    Don't get stuck with one-size-fits-all solutions. Our standard length is 5M per reel, but that's just a starting point. Whether you need a longer expanse to deck out an entire hall or a shorter segment for a cozy nook, we've got you covered. Choose from a variety of dimensions, including PCB width and thickness, to perfectly suit your project.

  • Ideal Illumination: Customize Your Color Temperature

    Bright white for the office or warm tones for your living room? The choice is yours. Our standard colors range from cool to warm white, tunable white, with full-spectrum RGB and RGBW options. Do you need a specific CCT or a CRI above 90Ra for precision tasks? Just say the word.

  • Voltage & Wattage: Power to Suit Your Needs

    Every project is unique, and so are its power needs. While our standard voltage is 24VDC, we offer the flexibility to go as low as 5V or as high as 48V. From low-wattage setups for mood lighting to high-wattage options for unparalleled brightness, we tailor the power to your project.

  • Resilient to the Core: Choose Your IP Rating

    Whether lighting up a damp bathroom or a sun-drenched patio, durability matters. Our COB LED strips come in various IP ratings from IP20 to IP68. We offer everything from basic dust protection to full waterproofing, ensuring your lights survive the elements.

  • Infinite Design Possibilities: Unique Shapes and Forms

    Why limit yourself to straight lines? Our COB LED strips can be custom-shaped into circles, triangles, and even intricate panels. Bring your design vision to life in any form you can imagine.

  • Flex Your Control: Custom Controllers and Wiring

    The control is in your hands, from basic on/off switches to complex smart home integrations. We offer custom control methods, including dimming and color-changing options. Choose connectors and wiring configurations that fit your installation like a glove.

  • Packed Just for You: Custom Packaging

    Your COB LED strips come packed in anti-static bags or boxes, available in lengths from 5m to 100m. We aim for not just product excellence but also a top-notch unboxing experience.

  • Get More for Less: No MOQs and Bulk Discounts

    Whether you're a homeowner looking for a single strip or a contractor needing a bulk order, we accommodate all. With no MOQ requirements, you have the freedom to order just what you need while enjoying quantity discounts.

  • Worry-Free Investment: Select Your Warranty Period

    Our standard COB LED strips usually have a 3-year warranty, but we're flexible. Different warranty options can be discussed depending on your project needs, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

  • Brand it Your Way: Logo and Label Customization

    Elevate your brand by adding your logo not just on the COB LED strips but also on the outer cartons. Professional branding can increase your customer retention and drive more sales.


All You Need to Know: Frequently Asked Questions on COB LED Strips

What are COB LED strips?

COB LED strips, or Chips on Board Light Emitting Diodes, feature a unique design where multiple LED chips are packaged together as one light source. The result is a highly efficient, bright, uniform light output that seamlessly blends into various applications.

Traditional LED strips usually emit light in “dots,” which can sometimes be visible. In contrast, COB LED strips offer seamless, dotless illumination due to the close placement of the LED chips, providing a more uniform and continuous light output.

Yes, COB LED strips are known for their energy efficiency. They produce a higher amount of lumens per watt, ensuring that you get optimal illumination while consuming less electricity.

Absolutely! COB LED strips offer a broad spectrum of colors and color temperatures. You can choose from various standard sizes, or even opt for custom lengths and hues to suit your specific needs.

COB LED strips are designed for easy installation. They often come with adhesive backing and can be flexed around corners, making them ideal for both professional and DIY installations.

Thanks to direct encapsulation technology, COB LED strips offer high durability and resistance to wear and tear. They are built to last and can serve you reliably for years.

Our standard COB LED strip is IP20, however, we also have IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68 for choice. They are suitable for outdoor use.

COB LED strips offer excellent color consistency, meaning the light output will be even throughout, reducing the occurrence of yellow spots or other discolorations that can distort your space’s look.

Consider certifications like CE, RoHS, UL, and LM80 when buying COB LED strips. These certifications assure quality, ensuring the product meets international safety and performance standards.

You can buy high-quality COB LED strips from reputable manufacturers like Unitop, wholesalers, and specialty stores. Always consider checking customer reviews and ratings to make an informed choice.

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