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CSP LED Strips Manufacturer, Supplier & Factory

Unitop, a prominent CSP LED Strip supplier from China, offers an extensive selection of LED strips. Our collection encompasses the Standard Series, High Lumen Series, CCT Tunable White Series, and Top Bend Neon Series. These strips come in various waterproof ratings, including IP20, IP54, IP66, IP67, and IP68, and are designed to meet diverse application requirements.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our adherence to international standards, as our products boast CE, RoHS, UL, and LM80 certifications. We focus on sustainable solutions, delivering eco-friendly wholesale CSP LED Strips that merge reliable technology with environmental responsibility.

Known for competitive pricing, Unitop CSP LED strips stand out in the market. We provide a range of services, including OEM, ODM, and customization options, positioning ourselves as the go-to manufacturer for quality CSP LED Strips.


What is CSP LED Strip?

CSP LED strips represent the forefront of lighting innovation, offering a sleek and efficient design. These strips are characterized by their Chip Scale Package (CSP) LEDs, which are notable for their minimal size and high efficiency. The unique aspect of CSP technology lies in its packaging, with the LED package being only slightly larger than the chip itself, leading to reduced thermal resistance and enhanced durability. 

Not only do CSP LED strips stand out for their design efficiency, but they also excel in performance. The strips, mounted on a flexible PCB and coated with a distinct, translucent milky-white silicone, deliver superior luminous efficiency and consistent color quality. This is mainly due to their ability to achieve a 3-step Macadam color tolerance, setting them apart from other LED types like COB strips. Their adaptability and reliability make them a versatile choice for various lighting needs, including residential, commercial, outdoor, and automotive settings.

CSP LED Strip vs COB LED Strip

CSP LED Strips and COB LED Strips: A Detailed Comparison

Feature CSP LED Strip COB LED Strip
Visual Appearance
Translucent, milky-white surface
Yellow surface due to phosphor mixture
Color Accuracy
Higher color accuracy with 3-step Macadam
5-step Macadam, less accurate
Luminous Efficiency
Higher efficiency, more lumens per watt
Comparatively lower efficiency
Uniformity of Light
Potential for light spots
Uniform light distribution without spots
Edge Light Color
No yellow edge, softer light
Yellow edge light
Flexibility in Design
Highly flexible with compact LED design
Flexible, but less compact than CSP
Enhanced due to no solder wire connections
Standard reliability
Beam Angle
Wide beam angle, typically 180 degrees
Typically 180 degrees
Heat Dissipation
Better due to compact design
Standard heat dissipation
Application Scope
Versatile, suitable for intricate designs
Ideal for areas requiring uniform lighting

CSP LED Strip vs SMD LED Strip

Side-by-Side: CSP and SMD LED Technology Compared

Feature CSP LED Strip SMD LED Strip
Visual Appearance
Translucent, milky-white surface
Single LEDs one by one soldered on FPCB.
Design and Size
Compact and smaller size
Larger, more conventional size
Light Efficiency
Higher lumen output per watt
Varies by model, from standard to highest efficiency
Color Consistency
Better with 3-step Macadam tolerance
Good, typically around 3-step Macadam
Heat Dissipation
Superior due to compact design
Less efficient compared to CSP
Light Uniformity
High density, potential for less light spots
Lower density, more light spots
Highly versatile for intricate designs
Flexible, suitable for various applications
Beam Angle
Wider beam angle, typically 180 degrees
Often narrower, around 120 degrees
Enhanced due to integrated design
Standard reliability, varies by model
Application Scope
Ideal for high-end, detailed lighting projects
Commonly used in general lighting applications
Relatively newer technology
Well-established, widely used technology

Wholesale Unitop CSP LED Strips by Series

Discover the Range: Diverse CSP LED Strips Series Overview

1. Standard Series
  • LED QTY: 320LEDs/m
  • CRI/R9: >90Ra/>40Ra
  • SDCM: <3
  • COLOR: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 10W
  • EFFICACY: 97~103lm/W
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm or 10mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20, IP54 or IP68
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years
  • LED QTY: 480LEDs/m
  • CRI/R9: >90Ra/>40Ra
  • SDCM: <3
  • COLOR: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 14.4W
  • EFFICACY: 90~95lm/W
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20, IP54 or IP68
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years
  • LED QTY: 512LEDs/m
  • CRI/R9: >90Ra/>40Ra
  • SDCM: <3
  • COLOR: 2700K/6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 8W
  • EFFICACY: 100lm/W
  • CUTTING LENGTH: 62.5mm
  • PCB WIDTH: 8mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP20
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years
  • LED QTY: 280LEDs or 320 LEDs/m
  • CRI/R9: >90Ra/>40Ra
  • SDCM: <3
  • COLOR: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • VIEW ANGLE: 180°
  • POWER: 10W
  • EFFICACY: 100lm/W
  • DIMENSION: W6xH10mm or W10xH10mm
  • PACKAGE: 5m or 16.4ft/reel
  • IP RATE: IP66 or IP67
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years

Features & Benefits

Why Unitop CSP LED Strips? Unbeatable Performance and Durability

Revolutionary Chip Scale Package Technology

CSP LED strips represent a significant advancement in LED technology, featuring flip-chip packaging that eliminates the need for conventional wire markings and brackets. This innovation not only reduces common issues like gold wire fractures but also ensures consistent color uniformity through 100% spectrophotometric testing. The omission of solder wire processes and the use of inorganic materials in packaging significantly enhance the strips’ reliability and durability.

CSP LED strips are uniquely engineered for outstanding durability, ideal for extreme conditions such as high temperatures and humidity in saunas and pools. Their robust design ensures they perform reliably in diverse environments, from intense tropical climates to cold, damp settings. This makes them a trustworthy choice in challenging conditions, where traditional LEDs might struggle, offering consistent, high-quality lighting performance across a variety of demanding applications.

Boasting over 320 densely packed LEDs per strip, CSP technology guarantees uniform lighting across the length, even in the rare event of LED failures. This high-density arrangement ensures a continuous, flawless lighting experience, making them ideal for both aesthetic and practical applications.

Emphasizing energy efficiency and ecological impact, all CSP LED strips adhere to the ErP (Energy-related Products) standard. This commitment to environmental stewardship ensures that these LED strips not only provide superior illumination but also contribute to energy savings and reduced ecological footprint. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers, CSP LED strips blend top-tier lighting performance with a sustainable approach, making them a preferred choice in an increasingly environmentally aware market.

CSP LED strips have officially passed EN62471 (Photobiological Safety Testing) and EN62778 (Blue Light Hazard Testing), achieving the highest RG0 level. This makes them suitable for green ecological areas like educational lighting and eye-care series, positioning them as industry-leading products.

Distinguished for their exceptional luminous output, CSP LED strips are a beacon of efficiency, illuminating spaces with greater intensity while consuming significantly less energy. This balance of brightness and conservation marks them as an eco-friendly, cost-effective lighting option.

Thanks to their superior attributes, CSP LED strips come with a five-year quality warranty. This extended warranty period underscores the product’s reliability and the company’s commitment to delivering long-lasting, high-quality lighting solutions.

CSP LED Strip Applications

Illumination Innovations: Diverse Applications Explored

  • Sauna Room Lighting

    CSP LED strips are ideal for sauna rooms due to their high tolerance to extreme temperatures and humidity. Their advanced technology ensures they withstand the sauna's intense heat without compromising performance or color consistency. This makes CSP LED strips perfect for creating a relaxing, evenly lit ambiance in sauna environments.

  • Swimming Pool Illumination

    The robust design of CSP LED strips makes them perfect for underwater lighting in swimming pools. Their enhanced waterproof capabilities and resistance to chlorine and saltwater conditions ensure long-lasting, bright illumination. These strips can be used for both functional lighting and aesthetic underwater effects, enhancing the safety and beauty of pool areas.

  • Outdoor and Garden Enhancement

    CSP LED strips are superb for outdoor and garden lighting, thanks to their resilience to weather variations and environmental factors. They can be used to accentuate garden paths, highlight landscape features, or provide ambient lighting in outdoor seating areas. The durability of CSP LED strips means they can withstand exposure to elements like rain, snow, and intense sunlight, making them a reliable choice for enhancing outdoor aesthetics and functionality. This application is especially beneficial for creating inviting outdoor environments that blend safety with visual appeal.

  • Low-Temperature Outdoor Lighting

    For environments that experience extreme cold, CSP LED strips are a standout choice. They maintain functionality and brightness even in sub-zero temperatures, making them suitable for outdoor lighting in cold climates. Whether it's for landscape lighting, exterior building illumination, or pathway lighting, CSP LED strips provide reliable and efficient lighting solutions.

  • Indoor Home Lighting

    CSP LED strips offer versatility and high performance for various indoor home lighting applications. Their compact design and superior color rendering make them suitable for accent lighting, mood lighting, and general illumination in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Homeowners can benefit from their energy efficiency and the ability to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in their homes.

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Why Choose Us?

Wholesale CSP LED Strip In Bulk By Choosing Unitop: Surpassing Your Expectations

Superior Expertise

Harnessing 18 years LED lighting industry for unparalleled quality.

Quality Assurance

A notable 3~5 years warranty underlining our commitment to quality.

Innovative R&D

Strong professional R&D team fosters continuous product innovation.


Tailored customized solutions to meet all your unique project requirements

Robust Production

Advanced systems produce up to 1.5 million meters of LED strips monthly

Flexible MOQ

Embrace small orders & support businesses from small beginnings.

Global Assistance

Providing 12x7 worldwide support for all before or after-sales queries.


Sustainable, biodegradable materials for eco-friendly production.

CSP LED Strips Production

The Manufacturing Process: How CSP LED Strips are Made

  • Step 1: Raw Material Inspection

    Quality inspection of PCB boards and LED chips, the core components of CSP LED strips, is critical. This step involves rigorously testing the materials for quality assurance.

  • Step 2: Die Bonding

    CSP LED chips and resistors are precisely placed on the PCB board using an intelligent die-bonding machine, ensuring accurate alignment essential for CSP LED strip performance.

  • Step 3: Soldering

    The CSP LED strip components are seamlessly soldered using automated reflow soldering, a process crucial for establishing reliable electrical connections.

  • Step 4: AOI Inspection and Repair

    After soldering, an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is performed, followed by online repairs to ensure a high yield of perfectly assembled CSP LED strips. This step is crucial for maintaining quality control.

  • Step 5: Moisture Drive-Off

    Post-inspection, the LED boards undergo a high-temperature baking process. This crucial step drives off moisture, ensuring the longevity and durability of the CSP LED strips.

  • Step 6: Encapsulation

    Using an automated dispensing machine, a protective layer is applied to the CSP LED strips. This encapsulation safeguards the components and enhances the product's overall resilience.

  • Step 7: Brief Baking

    The encapsulated LED boards are then subjected to a short baking for 15 minutes under 175°C in a 16M long tunnel oven. This process solidifies the encapsulant, securing the CSP LED strip's components in place.

  • Step 8: Extended Baking

    Following the brief bake, the LED boards undergo an additional high-temperature 175°C baking for one hour in baking oven. This extended baking ensures further solidification of the encapsulant for enhanced protection.

  • Step 9: Automatic Strips Dividing

    The precision separation of the CSP LED strips is carried out using an automatic strips dividing machine. This step ensures accurate sizing and preparation for the final application.

  • Step 10: Aging Test

    The CSP LED strips undergo extensive aging tests to guarantee stability and reliability, a critical step in ensuring long-term performance.

  • Step 11: Packaging and Final Inspection

    After completing all tests, the CSP LED strips are carefully packaged. A final inspection is conducted before dispatch to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

CSP LED Strips IP Rate Options

Check How We Achieve Different IP Rating to Meet Different Requirements



This is our standard non-waterproof CSP LED strip. People always use this IP20 CSP LED strips in indoor applications such as home lighting, indoor commercial lighting, and more.


Waterproofed with a monochromatic, transparent silicone solid extrusion on the top, forming an arched lighting surface. The underside of the PCB is exposed and not waterproofed.


Employs a silicone extrusion process. The components (PCB, LED, resistor) are waterproofed using a monochromatic, transparent silicone solid extrusion, resulting in a square shape.
IP68 dual color

IP68 2-color

Utilizes a silicone extrusion process. Waterproofed using a dual-color, transparent and milky white silicone solid extrusion, producing a square-shaped LED strip lights.


For top view CSP neon light. It involves a silicone extrusion technique, using a dual-color foggy and milky white silicone hollow extrusion, resulting in a square-shaped product.


For top view CSP neon light. It involves a silicone extrusion process, using a foggy and milky white silicone dual-color solid extrusion with a partial hollow structure inside the silicone.

Our Certificates

Technical Excellence: Certifications Showcasing Our Expertise

Custom CSP LED Strips

Design Flexibility: Customizing Your CSP LED Strips

  • Tailor-Made Dimensions for Every Space

    Custom CSP LED strips offer unparalleled flexibility in sizing. While our standard offering is 5 meters per reel, we recognize that each project has unique dimensional needs. From extensive halls to intimate spaces, our customization options cover a range of PCB widths and thicknesses to ensure a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

  • Optimal Illumination with Custom Color Temperatures

    Brighten any area with your desired ambiance using our custom CSP LED strips. Choose from a spectrum of colors, including cool to warm whites, tunable whites, and vibrant full-spectrum RGB and RGBW. Need a specific Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) or a Color Rendering Index (CRI) above 90Ra? We've got you covered for every nuanced lighting need.

  • Adaptable Voltage and Wattage for Diverse Applications

    Tailor the power of your CSP LED strips to match the unique demands of your project. Our offerings range from a standard 24VDC to customizable voltages stretching from 5V to 48V. Whether it's for subtle mood lighting or intense brightness, we adjust wattage levels to meet your specific energy requirements.

  • Durability Meets Design

    Select Your IP Rating: Custom CSP LED strips come in a variety of Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, from IP20 for indoor use to IP68 for complete waterproof outdoor applications. This ensures long-lasting performance in any environment, whether it's a humid bathroom or a sunny outdoor patio.

  • Unleash Creative Potential with Unique Shapes and Forms

    Move beyond traditional linear designs. Our custom CSP LED strips can be crafted into various shapes like circles, triangles, or complex patterns to align with your creative vision. Transform any space with these versatile and artistically flexible lighting solutions.

  • Personalized Control and Connectivity

    Take control of your lighting with custom solutions. From simple on/off switches to advanced smart home integrations, our CSP LED strips come with a variety of control options. Choose from dimmers, color controllers, and tailored wiring for seamless integration into your project.

  • Custom Packaging for a Signature Unboxing Experience

    Receive your CSP LED strips in bespoke packaging, ranging from anti-static bags to boxes of various lengths. We focus on delivering not just exceptional products but also an impressive unboxing experience that reflects the quality of our brand.

  • Flexible Ordering: No Minimum Order Quantities

    Catering to both individual and bulk requirements, our custom CSP LED strips have no minimum order quantities (MOQs). This policy offers flexibility for projects of all sizes alongside attractive bulk discounts for larger orders.

  • Extended Warranty for Peace of Mind

    Our custom CSP LED strips typically come with a 5-year warranty, but we offer flexible warranty periods to suit your project's needs. This ensures a worry-free investment in our high-quality lighting solutions.

  • Custom Branding for Enhanced Market Presence

    Elevate your brand's visibility by customizing your CSP LED strips with your logo. This extends to the product itself and the packaging, helping you build brand recognition and loyalty among your customers.


Exploring CSP LED Strips: Key Questions Answered

What makes CSP LED Strips different from regular LED strips?

CSP (Chip Scale Package) LED Strips stand out for their advanced technology, where the LED chip is directly bonded to the PCB without wire bonds or brackets. This results in a more compact, efficient design with enhanced brightness and reliability. Unlike regular LED strips, CSP strips offer improved heat dissipation and greater color consistency and are more durable, especially in extreme conditions.

Yes, CSP LED strips are an excellent choice for sauna room lighting. Their suitability stems from their advanced design and robust build quality. CSP LED strips are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and high humidity, conditions typically found in saunas. Unlike traditional LED strips, CSP strips feature a compact, solderless design that enhances their durability and reduces the risk of damage in such challenging environments. This makes them reliable for providing ambient, mood-enhancing illumination in the heat and moisture of sauna rooms, adding to the overall relaxation experience without compromising on safety or performance.

Yes, one of the critical benefits of CSP LED Strips is their energy efficiency. Unitop CSP LED strips are ErP Grade F or G. They provide a higher light output per watt, which means brighter illumination using less power. This efficiency not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers electricity bills, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution.

CSP LED Strips are incredibly versatile, thanks to their compact size and flexibility. They can be used in a variety of settings, from intricate indoor designs like under-cabinet lighting to demanding outdoor environments. Their adaptability allows for creative installations like curved shapes, making them ideal for unique design projects.

Definitely! CSP LED Strips come in various color temperatures, from warm to cool whites, allowing for customization based on the desired ambiance. Some CSP strips also offer tunable white options, enabling users to adjust the color temperature according to their needs, be it for a cozy home environment or a bright workspace.

CSP LED Strips are known for their longevity. On average, they can last up to 50,000 hours, significantly longer than traditional LED strips. This extended lifespan is due to their efficient heat dissipation and robust design, ensuring prolonged performance and reduced need for replacements.

Yes, CSP LED Strips are well-suited for smart home systems. They can be integrated with various smart home devices and controlled through apps or voice commands. This compatibility allows for automated lighting schedules, dimming, and color changes, enhancing the convenience and functionality of your smart home setup.

When we talk about beam angle of CSP LED strip, we can say the angle of the luminous surface of CSP LED strip is 180 degrees. However, when we test the strips in testing equipment, we will see the actual beam angle of this strip is around 150 degrees.

Absolutely! CSP LED Strips are ideal for commercial applications, such as retail display lighting, office task lighting, and architectural accents. Their high luminosity and color accuracy make them perfect for settings where both aesthetics and functionality are crucial.

Yes, Unitop CSP LED Strips come with waterproof options, ranging in IP ratings as IP66, IP67, or IP68, suitable for different levels of moisture exposure. This makes them an excellent choice for applications in damp or wet areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor settings.

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