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COB LED Strip as Cabinet Lighting

COB LED Strip as Ceiling Lighting

COB LED Strip as Stair Lighting

CSP LED Strip in Sauna Room

CSP LED Strip in Steam Room

LED Neon Strip as Garden Lighting

LED Neon Strip in Fountain

LED Neon Strip in Swimming Pool

LED Neon Strip in The Lobby

LED Strip as Corridor Lighting

LED Strip as SPA Lighting

LED Strip in The Restaurant

SMD LED Strip as Ambient Lighting

SMD LED Strip as Villa Cove Lighting

SMD LED Strip in Club

Residential & Hospitality

Residential Elegance and Hospitality Warmth through Unitop LED Strips

Enhance Under-Cabinet Areas with Sleek COB LED Strip Lights

Elevate your kitchen with discreet COB LED strip lights under cabinets. Achieve a sleek, modern look while ensuring ample task lighting for a functional and stylish space.

Illuminate staircases with LED strip lights for added safety and elegance. Create a visually appealing and secure pathway with our versatile staircase lighting solutions, enhancing your home’s beauty.

Transform your living spaces with soft, ambient lighting using SMD LED strips. Achieve a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for cove and ceiling lighting that complements your home decor.

Offer guests personalized lighting experiences with remote-controlled LED strips. Tailor room ambiance to their preferences with our innovative solutions, enhancing their stay.

Welcome guests with warm-tone LED neon strips in hotel lobbies. Create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on visitors, setting the tone for their stay.

Set the perfect mood in bars and restaurants using color-changing SMD LED strips. Enhance the dining experience with dynamic lighting that suits various occasions.

Design serene sauna and steam room spaces with moisture-resistant CSP LED strips. Achieve a calming ambiance while ensuring durability in humid environments, providing ultimate relaxation.

Brighten pools and fountains with durable CSP LED strips. Enhance water features with long-lasting and vibrant lighting solutions that add a touch of magic to your outdoor spaces.

Highlight gardens and spa areas with eco-friendly COB LED strip lighting. Create a sustainable and inviting outdoor environment, perfect for relaxation and eco-conscious living.

Ensure safety and ambiance in hospitality venues with strategically placed LED strip lights. Elevate the guest experience with effective and stylish lighting that enhances both comfort and safety.

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