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Side Bend LED Neon Strip

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Side Bend LED Neon Strips Manufacturer, Supplier & Factory

Unitop, a well-respected manufacturer of side/horizontal bend LED neon strips based in China, offers a broad range of options. Their product selection encompasses a variety of specifications, including the standard 12V or 24VDC, options for constant voltage or current models, and IP67 or IP68 certifications. The available sizes range from 0408, 0612, 0817, 1010, 1018, 1023, 1220, 1225, 1615, 2020, to 3032. Clients can select either a classic white silicone casing or a black one, catering to various installation needs.

Compliance with CE, RoHS, and UL standards highlights Unitop’s dedication to quality and environmental responsibility. Our Side Bend LED Neon Strips, recognized for affordability and superior quality, stand out in the market. Unitop excels in providing customized solutions, including OEM and ODM services, to satisfy LED lighting requirements for every customer fully.

Side Bend LED Neon Strip

What is Side Bend LED Neon Strip?

Side Bend LED Neon Strip, distinctively designed for horizontal bending, is a modern lighting solution revolutionizing architectural and decorative lighting. This flexibility allows it to curve and contour along surfaces in a way traditional lighting can’t, making it ideal for intricate designs in signage, architectural highlights, and decorative features.

Constructed from durable, flexible materials, these side view LED neon strips ensure safe and easy handling. The unique side bend capability enables the strips to bend along their length, offering creative freedom in lighting design. Available in various colors and IP ratings, these strips cater to indoor and outdoor settings, providing versatility and durability.

Side Bend LED Neon Strips are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and less prone to damage compared to traditional neon lighting. Their adaptability in length and connection to power sources make them suitable for a wide range of projects, from commercial to personal use. This LED technology combines efficiency with aesthetic appeal, offering a sustainable yet stylish lighting option.

Wholesale Unitop Side Bend LED Neon Strips

Experience the Glow: Unitop’s Advanced Side Bend LED Neon Strips

Features & Benefits

Revolutionize Lighting: Unveiling Side Bend LED Neon Strip Features

Horizontal Flexibility

Side Bend LED Neon Strips uniquely bend along the horizontal axis, offering versatility for innovative and dynamic lighting designs. Perfect for wrapping around columns and creating horizontal patterns.

Constructed with high-quality US Dow Corning silicone, these neon strips are robust and safe, ideal for high-traffic areas. They exhibit excellent resistance to saline solutions, acids, alkalis, corrosive gases, and UV light, ensuring longevity and consistent performance in various environments.

Fully-automatic three-color silicone extrusion process further improves the reliability of the strips.

The manufacturing process integrates an anti-breakage sheet within the strip, enhancing its resilience and reducing the risk of damage during installation and use.

With a CRI of 90+, the Side Bend LED Neon Strips reproduce colors effectively, delivering superior lighting quality. This feature is especially beneficial for applications with critical color accuracy, such as in retail or art displays.

With a more than IP65/67 rating, these strips are resistant to water jets and splashes, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can withstand various weather conditions, enhancing their versatility.

Available in different colors, including warm, natural, and cool white, and RGB/RGBW options, these strips provide flexibility in design. They are fully dimmable and color-controllable, allowing for the creation of custom lighting atmospheres.

Side Bend LED Neon Strip Applications

Versatility Unleashed: Side Bend LED Neon in Diverse Roles

  • Accentuating Architectural Beauty

    Side Bend LED Neon Strips are an architect's dream for enhancing building aesthetics. With their ability to flexibly contour along edges and curves, you can use these strips to highlight architectural features such as arches, columns, and façades. They bring out the character of structures, particularly after sunset, adding a dimension of luminescence that accentuates design elements. This not only enriches the architectural beauty but also contributes to urban nightscapes, making buildings stand out in the skyline.

  • Enhancing Indoor Ambiance

    Transform indoor spaces with the subtle yet impactful illumination of Side Bend LED Neon Strips. These strips are perfect for creating mood lighting in residential and commercial settings. Ideal for cove lighting, they can be tucked away in recesses or along ceiling contours to provide a soft, indirect light that enhances the room's ambiance. In commercial spaces like restaurants and hotels, these strips can create thematic lighting that complements the interior decor, making spaces more inviting and visually appealing.

  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    Outdoor areas gain a new dimension of beauty with Side Bend LED Neon Strips. These lights are not just functional; they create an enchanting atmosphere. Ideal for garden paths, patio edges, and landscape contours, they provide a guiding light while highlighting the beauty of outdoor features. Their durability makes them suitable for all weather conditions, and their energy efficiency means they can be used extensively without significant power consumption. This application ensures safety in outdoor areas and elevates the aesthetic appeal of gardens and patios.

  • Commercial Signage Enhancement

    Commercial signage becomes more effective and eye-catching with Side Bend LED Neon Strips. Their flexibility allows for intricate designs, making logos and lettering more dynamic and noticeable. This is especially beneficial for businesses seeking to stand out in competitive environments. These LED strips' bright and vibrant colors draw attention, enhancing brand visibility and making the signage readable from a distance. This application is not just about illumination; it's about creating a visual impact that attracts and retains customer attention.

  • Innovative Retail Displays

    In the retail industry, presentation is critical, and Side Bend LED Neon Strips can revolutionize how products are displayed. These lights can spotlight specific products, create dynamic window displays, or add a unique lighting element to the overall store layout. Their versatility allows for creative implementations, from highlighting shelves to outlining display cases. This enhances the visual appeal of products and creates an engaging shopping experience for customers, encouraging them to explore and interact with the products on display.

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Why Choose Us?

Bulk Purchases Made Easy with Unitop: Exceeding Expectations with Our Strips

Superior Expertise

Harnessing 18 years LED lighting industry for unparalleled quality.

Quality Assurance

A notable 3~5 years warranty underlining our commitment to quality.

Innovative R&D

Strong professional R&D team fosters continuous product innovation.


Tailored customized solutions to meet all your unique project requirements

Robust Production

Advanced systems produce up to 1.5 million meters of LED strips monthly

Flexible MOQ

Embrace small orders & support businesses from small beginnings.

Global Assistance

Providing 12x7 worldwide support for all before or after-sales queries.


Sustainable, biodegradable materials for eco-friendly production.

LED Neon Strips Production Process

From Raw to Radiant: The Making of Neon Strips

  • Step 1: Expert Solder Paste Application on PCBs

    In the initial phase, PCB sheets, often 0.5m long, are precisely positioned beneath a robust stainless steel stencil. This stage involves carefully applying lead-free solder paste to form ideal soldering pads. Tailored for both large automated orders and smaller manual batches, this process undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee even solder paste distribution at each solder point, setting the foundation for superior product quality.

  • Step 2: Precision SMT Component Placement

    Following this, each PCB sheet is guided through a state-of-the-art SMT machine to place components accurately. This critical step ensures the impeccable functionality of the LED neon strips. Each solder point is meticulously aligned and checked, with a comprehensive inspection following to correct any misalignments, maintaining the highest standard of component accuracy.

  • Step 3: Secure Reflow Soldering Process

    Next, the components are firmly affixed to the PCB via a controlled reflow soldering procedure. The PCBs smoothly transition through a multi-zone reflow oven, solidifying the solder paste effectively. Post-soldering, each LED is stringently tested for functionality, with any subpar PCBs receiving necessary adjustments or manual reworking.

  • Step 4: Crafting Extended LED Strips

    Subsequently, the 0.5m PCB sections seamlessly merge to form 5-meter continuous LED neon strips. Each strip is subjected to a rigorous 12-hour burn-in test, ensuring uniform lighting quality and durability, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

  • Step 5: Vibrant Silicone Blending

    Top-grade silicone is blended to produce various colors to boost the visual appeal of LED neon strips. The choices range from milky white for diffusing light to white for blocking light to transparent for marking cutting areas. The diffusion powder's ratio is crucial in determining color intensity and light transmission, adding a customizable touch to the product.

  • Step 6: LED Strip Precision Alignment

    The LED strips are meticulously arranged on a payoff frame and precisely adjusted on an alignment table. This careful organization is essential for the subsequent extrusion process, ensuring flawless setup and alignment.

  • Step 7: Innovative Silicone Encapsulation

    This innovative step encases LED strips in silicone through a precise die and electronic control system. This process guarantees a smooth, uniform silicone layer around the LED strip, blending durability with design.

  • Step 8: Vulcanization for Perfect Shaping

    The silicone-encased LED strips are then vulcanized in a specialized oven. This process shapes and cures the strips, ensuring the silicone sets correctly without harming the LED beads, a crucial step for maintaining product integrity.

  • Step 9: Tailored Cable Soldering and Waterproofing

    Adapting to varied customer requirements, we solder different cable lengths and entry points to the LED neon strips. Waterproof end caps are then installed, a key feature for ensuring product longevity and safety.

  • Step 10: Exhaustive Quality Assessment

    Each LED neon strip is rigorously tested, covering aspects like brightness, electrical performance, durability, waterproofing, and temperature resistance. This comprehensive evaluation ensures adherence to the highest quality and safety standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

  • Step 11: Custom Laser Engraving Service

    As part of our specialized OEM/ODM offerings, we provide custom laser engraving on the silicone body of the LED neon strips. This can include branding, logos, or specific product information, adding a personalized touch to each product.

  • Step 12: Meticulous Packaging for Safe Delivery

    Concluding the process, the LED neon strips are carefully rolled and packed in anti-static bags or customized packaging based on client specifications. They are then securely placed in cartons, ready for safe and efficient shipping, ensuring they arrive pristine.

DIY Guide to Cut and Connect LED Neon Strip

Learn the Essentials of LED Neon Strip Installation With Our Easy-to-follow, Professional Guide.

Cut & Connect by Soldering

1. Preparation: Align your scissors at a precise 90-degree angle.
2. Positioning: Place the LED Neon Strip flat against the scissors.
3. Execution: Locate the designated cutting mark and execute a clean, straight cut.
Reminder: Avoid diagonal cuts to ensure integrity.

Thread the electrical wire through the designated end cap for a secure fit.

1. Prepping the Surface: Trim excess silicone from the LED Neon Strip to reveal the soldering pad.
2. Soldering Setup: Set your soldering iron between 380-400°C. Keep the soldering duration between 3 and 5 seconds.
3. Tinning: Tinning thoroughly to the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) pad.
4. Connection: Carefully solder the wire to the FPC, ensuring correct polarity. Avoid exposing copper and FPC edges, and prevent scalding the wire.

1. Glue Preparation: Cut the glue nozzle as needed.
2. Application: Apply a 1-2mm layer of glue inside the end cap and a 5-7mm circle around the neon strip’s cut end, avoiding the FPC and LEDs.
3. Assembly: Insert the LED Neon Strip into the end cap by 8-9mm, applying gentle pressure.
4. Cleanup: Remove any excess glue with a cloth.

Follow the same steps as for the head end cap, ensuring a secure and neat finish.

Allow 3 hours for initial solidification, with 24 hours for complete setting.

Cut & Connect by Solder-free End Cap

1. Scissor Alignment: Position your scissors perpendicular to the cutting surface.
2. Neon Strip Placement: Lay the LED Neon Strip evenly against the scissor blades.
3. Cutting Procedure: Identify the specified cutting mark and make a direct, even cut.
Note: Prevent angled cuts to maintain the strip’s structural integrity.

1. Slide in the U-shape transparent connector.
2. Attach the transparent PC mounting cover.
3. Install the transparent PC anti-skipping clip.
4. Install waterproof rubber gasket to cable with connector.
5. Insert cable with connector to neon strip.
6. Put the metal blank end through the cable.
7. Fasten the metal end with four screws to the transparent PC mounting cover.

1. Attach the transparent PC mounting cover.
2. Install the transparent PC anti-skipping clip.
3. Put the waterproof rubber gasket inside the end.
4. Put the transparent PC pad above the waterproof rubber gasket.
5. Put the metal blank end above the transparent PC pad.
6. Fasten the metal end with four screws to the transparent PC mounting cover.

Light on the LED neon light to check whether it is ok.

Cut & Connect by New Solder-free End Cap

1. Unplug & Stabilize: Safety first! Unplug your strip and choose a flat surface.
2. Sharp & Straight: Grab those sharp scissors and hold them perpendicular for straight cuts.
3. Follow the Marks: Look for cutting marks on the strip – that’s your cutting zone.
4.One Smooth Slice: Make a single, smooth cut through the mark – no angles!

1. Slide in the U-shaped silicone shim to neon flex.
2. Attach the flat silicone shim to plug with cable.
3. Insert the plug to the silicone neon strip.
4. Passing the cable through the hole of the transparent housing.
5. Slide the transparent housing onto the neon strip.
6. Insert the transparent fastening latch to the housing.
7. Insert the orange fastening latch to the housing.

1. Slide in the U-shaped silicone shim to neon flex.
2. Attach the flat silicone shim to plug with cable.
3. Slide the transparent housing onto the neon strip.
4. Insert the transparent fastening latch to the housing.
5. Insert the orange fastening latch to the housing.

Light on the LED neon light to check whether it is ok.

1. Use a flat-head screwdriver to lift up the transparent fastening latch.
2. Pull the transparent housing away from the LED neon strip.

Side Bend LED Neon Strips End Cap Options

Seamless Integration: Diverse End Caps for Every Design

Silicone End Cap-Side Bend


Designed for LED neon flex, these silicone end caps ensure an IP67 rating, offering excellent water and dust resistance. They attach easily by sliding or gluing, providing a secure, long-lasting safeguard for your LED strips.


These end caps blend seamlessly with your LED strips, offering a cohesive, finished appearance. Specifically sized to match the strips, they enhance the overall look, ensuring a sleek, uniform design.

Solder-free End Cap-Side Bend


Constructed from transparent PC, these end caps maintain an IP67 rating. Featuring a convenient snap-on mechanism, they allow for quick, straightforward installations, perfect for efficient and user-friendly LED strip protection.

Side Bend LED Neon Strips Cable Entry Options

Seamless Connection: Diverse Cable Entry Solutions for LED Strips

Front Cable Entry-Side Bend


The Front-Entry option positions the cable on the same side as the LED lights, ideal for surface-mounted strips. This design keeps cables discreet, maintaining the strip's clean aesthetic when viewed from the front.


Opt for the Side-Entry for installations along edges or corners. The cable exits from the strip's side, facilitating a neat setup that doesn't interfere with the lighting effect or visibility of the strip.

Bottom Cable Entry-Side Bend


Choose Bottom-Entry for a concealed cable look, perfect for overhead setups or when the strip is against a surface. This approach ensures the cable remains entirely out of sight from both front and side views.

Side Bend LED Neon Strips Mounting Methods

Effortless Elegance: Streamlined Mounting Solutions for LED Neon Strips

Stainless Steel Mounting Clip

Stainless Steel Mounting Clip

Stainless Steel Mounting Clip after installation

After Installation

Aluminum Mounting Clip

Aluminum Mounting Clip

Aluminum Mounting CLip after installation

After Installation

Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile after installation

After Installation

Flexible Aluminum Profile

Flexible Aluminum Profile

After Installation

Our Certificates

Displaying a Range of Accomplishments: The Epitome of Quality, Innovation, and Excellence

Custom Side Bend LED Neon Strips

Illuminate on Your Terms: Personalize with Our Customizable Side Bend LED Neon Strips

  • Enhanced Durability with Premium Materials

    Opt for top-grade PU material, a superior alternative to standard silicone, for our Custom Side Bend LED Neon Strips. This choice guarantees both longevity and aesthetic elegance, ideal for upscale projects.

  • Customizable Strip Lengths

    Tailor the length of your LED neon strips to your specific needs. Our custom sizing perfectly matches your unique project requirements, delivering precision and versatility.

  • Diverse LED Options for Ambient Lighting

    Select from a variety of LED types that offer different brightness levels and CRI values. Customize to achieve the exact lighting mood and effect you desire, whether it's a cozy or vibrant atmosphere.

  • Flexible Voltage and Wattage Options

    Choose from voltage options like 12V or 24V and wattages ranging from 5W/m to 15W/m. This flexibility caters to various energy requirements and lighting intensities, allowing for perfectly tailored illumination.

  • Ready-to-Install Pre-Cut Strips

    Our LED neon strips come pre-cut to your specified lengths, complete with cables for immediate installation. This service streamlines the setup process, making it efficient and straightforward.

  • Variety in IP Ratings for All Environments

    Select from IP44, IP65, IP67, and IP68-rated LED neon strips suitable for different exposure levels to moisture and dust. These options ensure the strips are adaptable to a wide range of settings, from mildly damp areas to underwater usage.

  • Elegant Endcap Options for a Refined Look

    Please choose from our range of endcaps, including Silicone, Solder-free, and Seamless Mold Injection, to add a polished finish to your LED installations, enhancing their overall appearance.

  • Flexible Cable Outlet Placement

    Our Custom Side Bend LED Neon Strips offer various cable outlet options – top, side, or bottom. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into any design or structural layout.

  • Creative Mounting Accessories for Easy Installation

    Explore our range of mounting solutions, like clips, aluminum profiles, and bendable channels. These tools facilitate inventive and practical installations, improving both the look and functionality of your LED neon strips.

  • Branded Products and Packaging Options

    Personalize your LED neon strips and packaging with your logo and design, or let us create a custom design for you. After your approval, we'll print them on the strips and packages, offering a branded, professional look.


Everything Answered: Guide to the Most Common Queries About Side Bend LED Neon Strips

What are the unique features of Side Bend LED Neon Strips?

Side Bend LED Neon Strips are known for their flexibility and side-bending ability, making them ideal for creating intricate designs and shapes. They offer a continuous line of light that mimics traditional neon but with improved energy efficiency and safety. These strips are perfect for accent lighting, signs, and embedded surface lighting, enhancing any space with their lustrous appearance​​.

Unlike traditional neon lights, Side Bend LED Neon Strips are more durable, energy-efficient, and safer. They don’t require high-voltage circuitry or contain hazardous gases. Additionally, these LED strips provide a consistent light output without hot spots or shadows, making them a superior choice for modern lighting needs​​.

Yes, these strips are suitable for outdoor use, thanks to their higher IP65 or IP67 ratings, ensuring they are watertight and dust-resistant. This makes them ideal for outdoor accent lighting, sign illumination, or decorative purposes in various weather conditions​​​​.

Side Bend LED Neon Strips can be installed using mounting brackets, aluminum channels, or bendable mounting channels. They are easy to install and can be used in various applications, such as accent lighting, cove lighting, and signage. Their flexible nature allows for creative installations in a wide range of settings​​​​.

These strips offer customization in terms of size, color temperature, and lumen output. They are available in different dimensions and can be cut to specific lengths, allowing for personalized lighting solutions tailored to individual project requirements​​​​.

Side Bend LED Neon Strips have a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours, ensuring long-term use. They typically come with a warranty of 3 years, depending on the product type, assuring their durability and quality​​​​.

Yes, these strips are available in a variety of colors, including single colors (red, yellow, green, blue, pink, orange), white (warm, natural, cool), tunable white, RGB, and RGBW. This range of color options allows for flexibility in creating the desired ambiance and aesthetic in any space​​.

These LED strips typically require a 24V DC input. It’s important to use the appropriate power supply to ensure efficient and stable operation. This also contributes to the longevity and effectiveness of the lighting​​​​.

Yes, Side Bend LED Neon Strips are fully dimmable and color-controlled. They can create a wide range of colors and are compatible with various controllers for dynamic lighting effects, making them versatile for different lighting needs​​.

These LED strips are ideal for a variety of uses, including accent lighting, wall lighting, path lighting, commercial lighting, retail shops, and sign lighting. Their flexibility and brightness make them suitable for diverse decorative and functional applications, enhancing any space with their unique lighting effects​​.

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